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About Us

The Phoenix Company, Inc.

We are a company with more than 15 years in the market, providing innovative solutions to government and private institutions, which allow them to manage their information needs in an integrated, timely and efficient manner.

We attend every service request in a personal and immediate way; for this purpose, we have highly qualified professionals with great experience in planning and implementation of projects in areas of information technology, communications and business engineering, committed to exceed the expectations of our customers, maximizing their business strategies, increasing in a sustainable way the results  of the operations involved and contributing to the development of the skills of the internal human team.

We make our clients’ commercial interests our own, more than a supplier, we aspire to be considered their technological partner.


Mission Statement

To provide world class technological solutions to our clients to allow them to achieve profitability in their operations and the development of sustainable competitive advantages.



Development of long-term relationships with our clients, adding value to their business processes through the formation of a team of specialized professionals, bearer of high ethical values, committed to the pursuit of excellence in the refinement of their interpersonal and technical skills, also entering into strategic alliances with leading companies in technological products and services.

Out Staff

Out Staff

Business Specialists MBA, MAE

Software Development Specialists

Certifications in: MCSE, MCSD, MCT, CCNA, A+

Network and Communications Infrastructure Engineers

We have a team of highly trained professionals, with experience in different industries, such as pharmaceuticals, textiles, tobacco and beer, government and private service companies. The PHOENIX Company Inc. is chaired by Ing. Ignacio Polanco.