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Always at the Forefront

At Phoenix, when supporting customer situations, infrastructure realization and communications, we always assume it as our own; we go beyond offering answers aimed at optimizing technical aspects. We try to model each business process or function in an integral way, so that the solutions are focused on facilitating the achievement of business objectives.

Our broad portfolio of tools, exclusively or integrated with the technological resources, services and applications already existing in the company, provides a complete technological infrastructure, attempting to efficiently address simple and critical tasks that require continuous attention and accessibility, at any time and from any environment or device.

Citizen Systems

The CitySenseTM Suite is made up of the latest generation of technological tools, fully Internet-enabled: Citizen Attention Portal (PAC), Citizen Application Management Systems (CRM) and Municipal Income Management System.

Phoenix Budget System

Ideal solution for budget definition and control for all types of companies. This system integrates with the catalogue of accounts of your accounting system, both for the definition of the items to be budgeted and for the evaluation of their actual behavior. It allows the maintenance of several versions of budget for the same period as all its revisions.

Business by Phoenix

Solution for companies that offer mixed services of sales of technological products and consultancies; covers order management, product inventory, sales, order reception, dispatch, billing, collections to customers, payments to suppliers, management of service contracts, service orders, projects, hour reports, commissions.

Reservation Management for Freight and Passenger Ferries

System for managing ferry ticket reservations and sales. It is currently the system used by the Puerto Rico Maritime Authority in the operation of the different ferry routes for passengers, cargo and vehicles in the country.

Pharmacy Management

Complete solution for the management of pharmacy offices; it helps in the organization of the management of your pharmacy office, as well as for after-sales services: courses, tutorials, consulting, telephone attention and web services. Our product is a tool designed to facilitate the management needs of the 21st century. It is currently installed in more than 4,500 pharmacies, supporting more than 20,000 users.